Dewalt DCV-580 Vacuum

Dewalt DCV-580 Vacuum

DCV580_1Recently, I saw the release announcement from DeWalt of their lineup of portable 20v vacuums. I’ve currently split my tool collection between the Dewalt 20v Series, the Milwaukee 12v M12 lineup and also have a few Bosch 18V (Namely a radio and hammer drill). I’ve had my eye on this vac for quite a while, it was previously only available in an 18v configuration. I needed something a little more portable than my shop vac, and running off of batteries makes me more likely to use it for quick clean ups. So far the unit has been really impressive.


  • Runs from either 18V or 20V battery packs.
  • Available in corded + cordless, or just cordless (this is the one I bought)
  • Good capacity, I used it for a number of cleanup jobs and barely made a dent in it. Pretty much the entire unit is capacity.
  • Great battery life. I connected a new 4.0ah 20V Max battery and ran the unit for over 30 mins and still had a bar remaining. This is pretty impressive, as 30mins of vacuum run time is pretty damned good. You use it for less time then you’d think, for reference, my cordless Dyson for indoor use lasts only 6 minutes on high!

Here are some pics of my unit – I’d highly recommend you try one out.

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Matt is a woodworker from Calgary, Alberta and runs Westside Woodworks where he makes cutting boards, furniture and other projects.

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Matt is a woodworker and avid DIY’er from Calgary, Alberta. As the son of a general contractor he spent a lot of time on job sites learning the ins and outs of construction. His experience ranges from framing, flooring and finishing. He works on a large number of projects on his own home, as well as small jobs for friends and family. When he’s not working he can be found in his home wood shop.

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