What’s Bosch Announcing on 11/11?

What’s Bosch Announcing on 11/11?

Bosch has been putting out a big teaser campaign for a new product launch, in case you haven’t seen it. They had a YouTube video up teasing it, but it’s been pulled!

Here’s what I think it is, but maybe in Brushless?

Bosch-18V-Impact-Driver-Wrench-Closeup-Chuck Bosch-18V-Impact-Driver-Wrench

(Thanks ToolGuyD.com for covering the original – brushed – version: http://toolguyd.com/bosch-18v-impact-driver-wrench/ )

Matt is a woodworker from Calgary, Alberta and runs Westside Woodworks where he makes cutting boards, furniture and other projects.

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Matt is a woodworker and avid DIY’er from Calgary, Alberta. As the son of a general contractor he spent a lot of time on job sites learning the ins and outs of construction. His experience ranges from framing, flooring and finishing. He works on a large number of projects on his own home, as well as small jobs for friends and family. When he’s not working he can be found in his home wood shop.

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